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For The Plus-Size, Summer is a Time of Scrutiny

TweetSince becoming plus-size after graduating from high school, donning a swim suit has been less and less of an option.  It’s not even about other people’s negative viewpoints; I have more of an issue with wanting to be anonymous and not wanting to be viewed like the hottest toy at Wal-Mart during Christmas season.  This [...]
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“Careful the things you say, children will listen.”

Tweet“OY, would you just look at the waist on her? You’re so lucky to be so skinny!” The number of times I heard this line in any number of variations as a child would be impossible to estimate. I got it from family members, my parents’ friends, and completely random women in grocery and department [...]
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The great weight debate

TweetI, like many women, have been unhappy with my weight for the majority of the last decade. Currently, for example, I weigh about 40 pounds more than I would like to. But there’s a twist to my story, a narrative I haven’t read anywhere before. I have also spent a lot of time being upset about not weighing [...]
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How to Subvert Sexism in Targeted Online Ads

Targeted, self-serve online advertising takes both the problem of sexist advertising and the process of subversion to a whole new level - because when you bombard people with only one kind of ad based on factors like their sex, gender and age, you saturate their psyches with certain messages over and over again. Here's how to combat it.
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Does the media expect too much from us?

TweetNote: This is a work in progress for a speech for my Feminist Group at my University. A topic that I am very passionate about is trying to stop the mainstream media’s “ideal image” of women. There presence is known from when you are younger in the realm of Barbies to what ever age you [...]
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