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A timeline of women in world computing

TweetI thought it might be interesting to compile–so to speak–a timeline of women in computing around the world. Hopefully this can be of use as historical research or even just inspiration. * 1800s: Ada Lovelace (1815–1852, British), was an analyst of Charles Babbage’s analytical engine (an early mechanical general-purpose computer) and is often described as [...]
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She’s a Harvard professor… but don’t worry, she can bake

TweetThere is an excellent profile of the scientist Elizabeth S. Spelke in the New York Times this week, written by Natalie Angier, that is worth a read. Dr. Spelke is a cognitive psychologist at Harvard where she researches babies and the way their minds work in order to better understand the brain’s innate capabilities and [...]
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Maria Klawe and women in computer science

TweetThere was an interesting article in the New York Times about women in computer science and Maria Klawe, the current president of Harvey Mudd College (which, if you don’t know, is a high-quality science & engineering school that’s part of the Claremont college consortium). It sounds like Harvey Mudd is experiencing success in increasing women’s [...]
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An Old Boy’s Club

“In the world of academia, where free speech and independent ideas are historically the cornerstone of its institutions, discrimination against women is real.”
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