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Military Reveals Plans For Integrating Women Into Combat Units, But Many Questions Remain

TweetBy Ariela Migdal, ACLU Women’s Rights Project & Vania Leveille, ACLU Washington Legislative Office On January 24, 2013, we saw a great victory for U.S. servicewomen when the Department of Defense announced it was ending the ban on women serving in combat units and occupational specialties. As the Pentagon and the armed services begin implementing [...]
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White House petition asks that women be required to register for Selective Service

TweetMy feminist writing persona, whose name is Sylvia D. Lucas, exists only because I had already tried creating a slot for my real name, Kristen Tsetsi, in the world of fiction. They say you’re supposed to brand yourself, and the two didn’t necessarily mesh. But now,  as a professional newspaper writer using my real name, [...]
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The Invisible War

Tweet I find it difficult to sit through documentaries. This may be due to my short attention span, which has been shot by the internet, or my shallow reluctance to choose educational films over lighter ones. But this week I saw a screening of The Invisible War and, if you are at all interested in [...]
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DoD Comes Closer to Recognizing that Women Are Already Serving on the Front Lines

TweetBy Ariela Migdal, Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU Women’s Rights Project & Vania Leveille, Senior Legislative Counsel, ACLU Washington Legislative Office Last week, Pentagon officials got a few steps closer to recognizing what those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have known for years: servicewomen fight on the battlefield alongside their male counterparts, despite a longstanding rule [...]
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Servicewomen Deserve Better: Abortion Access in the Military

TweetRepost from Amplify. It is completely unacceptable that the over 200,000 women serving in our military do not have access to basic health services. The 19,000-23,000 servicewomen who face an unintended pregnancy annually do not have access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. Currently, a ban is in place that denies military women access to abortion in [...]
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