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No Place for Women in Journalism of Dissent

TweetI’m almost done with my seasonal job as a camera-person at a TV station in NYC and I’ve decided to take a break from journalism until at least November. I’m not satisfied with my career choice- Journalism- which doesn’t mean I will give up; it just means my approach has to change. It almost feels [...]
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I’m over Rosie

TweetA SYTYCB entry Rosie the Riveter, the quintessential feminist icon, is starting to get on my nerves. Make no mistake, I love her, you can tell because I have a giant poster of her hanging up in my living room, and more than one shirt with her face on it are hanging in my closet. [...]
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Dying of red tape: ban on federal funding for syringe exchange programs reinstated

TweetIn 1984, Roger Gail Lyon spoke in front of Congress asking that more efforts be made to combat the new disease that was killing him. In Congress, he made an iconic statement: I came here today with the hope that this administration would do everything possible, make every resource available—there is no reason this disease cannot [...]
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The Far-Reaching Implications of the DSK Case

TweetThe DSK case continues to draw attention because of its lurid nature: a man in power committing alleged sexual abuse against a woman with the odds of structural inequality stacked against her. It is rife of unequal power dynamics, racism, and hinges on so many of the underlying social, political, and cultural biases of the [...]
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Fighting the Black Anti-Abortion Campaign: Trusting Black Women

TweetCross-posted at On The Issues Magazine By Loretta Ross Sixty-five billboards were quickly erected in predominantly African American neighborhoods in Atlanta on February 5, 2010. Each showed a sorrowful picture of a black male child proclaiming, “Black Children are an Endangered Species.” Georgia Right to Life and the newly-formed Radiance Foundation spent $20,000 to sponsor [...]
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