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Leaning in, lifting up, and making success achievable for all women

TweetA little over 25 years ago, Dr. Heidi Hartmann dashed between meetings and a part-time fellowship in a 1969 Buick with a couple of boxes of files dedicated to research on women’s economic security in the back of a rather sizable trunk. This corner of Dr. Hartmann’s Buick can safely be referred to as the [...]
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Single mothers need a stronger voice in the work-life debate

TweetAnne-Marie Slaughter came to speak at Yale Law School last week. The lecture room was filled with law students and guests, women and men, all eager to hear her discuss her position on work-life balance. She made a great case – we need more flexibility in the workplace, we need more men in the conversation, [...]
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Bob, is Sally helping you with the kids?

TweetThe term “working mom” is sexist and I die a little every time someone asks me if I have a job or do I take care of my daughter. I mean, do you ask men the same question? “Hi Bob, how goes the work/home life balance with your newborn? Are you able to manage it all? [...]
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On gender equality in the United States: So much accomplished; so much more to do

Tweet“I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants” – this quote by Whitney Houston posted, reposted and “liked” so many times in the recent past once again confirms that little has changed since the time the first female activists demanded equal [...]
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Beyond Binders: Some scary implications about women and work

TweetWhen President Obama and Governor Romney were asked how each candidate would combat wage discrimination against women, Romney opened with the binder-remark-that-would-spawn-a-thousand-memes! Ok, maybe this was a coping mechanism to not deal with the truly scary platform that included gems like: a lack of support for the Ledbetter act that gives women a way to [...]
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