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Youth street theater performances fight violence against women in Bangladesh

TweetCross-posted from UN Women.  “Violence puts women behind […] and creates a situation that does not allow women to use their full potential,” said a woman, sitting in an airy, green park, after watching a gripping interactive theatrical performance on violence against women in Khulna, Southern Bangladesh in November last year. “The ultimate loser is [...]
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What if kids could vote?

Tweet The further along we get in this election season, the more passionately I start dreaming of a total upheaval of our political system. Electoral college? Super PACs? Two-party system? Does this all really make sense for us anymore? Join me on a little thought experiment: What if politicians had to be accountable to the [...]
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Pink sequined tutus: The gendering of dance

TweetOriginally posted at The Feminist Anthropologist.  This past weekend was the first time in fifteen years or so that I have been in the audience of a dance performance. I have been a dancer since I could walk, though I have always had a frayed relationship with the activity that demanded so much of my [...]
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The Fifth Stage: My Thoughts at the Thirty-Ninth Annual March For Life, January 23rd, 2012

TweetCross-posted. I wrote this post in the immediate aftermath of my experiences at the March For Life, and have revised it since. I was going to sit on it, and wait for inspiration in expanding my piece into essay-length. However, the recent decision of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to rescind funding for Planned Parenthood [...]
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Why “It Gets Better” Is Not Enough

TweetLast weekend a gay teenager in Ottawa committed suicide. In his suicide note, he referenced the message of “It Gets Better” campaign, saying that he just couldn’t wait. I think his comment points to one of the biggest failures of the “It Gets Better” campaign. Its central message is: “Hey, we know high school is [...]
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